.Henna is made from a plant called Lawsonia Enermis. It is grown in the Middle East and India. The leaves are crushed into a fine powder, mixed with essential oils and made into a paste. Henna has been used all over the world . 

 Today it is worn by brides for their weddings, and by people simply wanting to express themselves creatively through the art of henna tattoos on their hands and feet.

Henna is great beach fun as well.

​​​​​​​​        Glitteroo's

Tattoos are great fun! Henna Tattoo's that last 5-10 days and are waterproof very naturally & very new age! Henna Tattoo's are upon request and need to be ordered in advanced.

We also have glitter tattoos which are bright and shinning. Kids love them as well as adults. They last 7-10 days they are waterproof  which makes them worth having!  Adding some bling  never harmed anyone.

Glitter tattoos are wonderful for Bachelorette  parties !  Children's Birthday Parties, and more!

Then we have normally tattoos that last for life and shows the world what you like. Real tattoos are not my thing.

 I feel put it on ,and take it off is the way to go! Kind of like changing your mood or your clothing. Remember jazzing it up never hurt anyone. 

When it is applied to the skin, it creates a nice reddish-brown stain that lasts anywhere from a few days to two weeks.